Regional News + Tips and Tricks

Lynn Woods Bouldering Tips and Tricks for the Crag Dog in Your Life - Bringing Fido along for a day of rock climbing is a big responsibility,  but if you have a good system in place it can be a great time for you, other climbers and most importantly your hairy companion. But, before you head out for a day of climbing with your K9 companion lets cover doggy crag manners, trail etiquette and gear.
Cracking the Bolt Status Quo - Digging into the good, the bad and the ugly underbelly of the bolted rockworld. How to evaluate and contribute to Americas aging bolt infrastructure.
Lead Climbing and It’s Subjectnivness to Saftey - A look at indoor leading and the subjective responsibility of the climbing gym community....both indoors and out.
A Seasoned Perspective on Mount Washington’s Avalanche Dangers - Throughout this past New England winter, I grew accustomed to starting my mornings off with the daily Avalanche report from the Mount Washington Avalanche Center. Always well written and thorough, I’ve picked up a lot of useful information and structured many winter trips around the advice provided by the well-seasoned snow rangers.
Welcome to Bostonia Outfitters - Born on the West Coast...Schooled in the South...Refined in Scandinavia....Enlightened in Europe...Resettled to the South...Landed in Boston, MA. Check out our story!