Revival Brewing, A Post Climb Recovery Shake

Wilderness: Urban Jungle, Brooklyn Boulders Somerville MA

Get There: Brooklyn Boulders is located in the heart of Somerville, MA



LogThat feeling you get after you finish a BKB workout,  you’re about to walk out the gym and to your surprise Revival Brewing is setting up for a tasting….not familiar with that? Me either, but I could get used to it.

Revival Brewing is based out of Providence, Rhode Island and although they were new to me, I quickly took notice after one swig of their Conga
Imperial IPA. This west coast floral hop monster was my first and favorite sampler of the night. In all honesty, I thought they had poured me their session IPA because it was so insanely smooth.

Upon inquiry, Steve the bartender was quick to jump into a story involving the Congan elephant on the bottle and thereafter confirmed I was indeed drinking a delicious imperial IPA.

Next came the Fanny Session IPA. While also dedicated to an elephant, this pour offered a light alternative to the Conga. I finished the tour with the Double Black IPA which was a fantastically balanced combination of hop and malt profiles. Interesting story, there are two flags on the Double Black IPA bottle,  American and Tokyo City. After a Japanese visitor discovered this beer while in the US, he helped organize its first distribution back to Japan. Revival brewing is now slowly building their Japanese presence one overseas delivery at a time. 

For those of you concerned, no BKB did not allow climbing after the tastings. They X Marks The Spot all hands who picked up a drink, safety first. But that didn’t deter anyone, Revival Brewing’s sample pours were a welcome post-workout recovery shake.

– Bostonia Outfitters

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