Think Outside The Lunchbox…Fill Your Gullet with Snowshoes

Wilderness: Temperate Forest, Middlesex Fells Reservation Massachusetts

Location:  42.431609, -71.107474

Gear: Chocolate Lab, Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody, MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

Get There: Middlesex Fells is conveniently located outside of Boston right off of 93. For the closest trailhead to Wright’s Tower (featured below) head to the South Border Road parking lot. If you rather go exploring, check out Friends of the Fells for some great trail recommendations and alternative parking areas.

Middlesex Fells Snowshoeing
An Artistic Renderings View of Boston From Wright’s Tower #PRISM

Log: Lunchtime has two purposes. One, fill the body furnace we call a gullet and two get outside to fill the mind with thoughts of wilderness and exploration. With a break in the recent onslaught of snow and an upcoming winter ascent on Mt. Chocorua, snowshoeing occupied the mind. With no time to be wasted on pretzels, small talk and leftovers it was decided that the precious lunch break should be spent roaming the hills of Middlesex Fells with the friendly labrador beast.

Lunchtime Freedom

The Boston Urban Jungles had just received 18+ inches of New England white gold and the conditions were ripe for snowshoe romping. For some time we had wanted to check out the view from the Wright’s Tower overlook which is a short hike from South Border Road parking lot. With the trails hidden in fresh power, we made our own tracks NE from the frozen waters of Bellevue Pond.

On countless drives heading North, I had seen “The Tower” extending her neck from the cliffs of the Fells. She tempted my curiosity with her out of place stone structure standing isolated above the busy traffic of the 93 corridor.  Answering her call rewarded us with fantastic Southern views of Boston’s skyline, reminding us what a gem the Middlesex Fells Reservation offers.

Continuing our off trail adventures we followed ice glazed streams, powdered ravines, and open knolls. When the Middlesex Fells iscovered in a blanket of snow it offers a magical respite to the crowdedly plowed and salted streets to the South.


Many lunches were spent in the Fells that week, with snowshoes on foot and a hunger tamed with the quiet excitement of trailblazing fresh tracks.

It’s funny how snow can change such a familiar terrain. Usually, you will find us in the Fells exploring rocky singletrack on the hardtail or dodging roots during a trail run. The snow had brought with it a new excitement, a new wilderness to explore.

Happy Wildernessing!

-Bostonia Outfitters

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