Bouldering Lynn Woods, MA

Bouldering Session Lynn Woods Alt Text
Bouldering Session at Lynn Woods Queens Row

Wilderness: Temperate Forest, Saugus Massachusetts

Location:  42.493096, -70.978286

Gear: Chocolate Lab, Evolv Ringer Crashpad, Mad Rock Mad Pad, La Sportiva Katana Lace

Get There: Lynn Woods is about 40 minutes North of Boston via 93 -> 95 -> 129. This trip we explored the “Stone Tower” area, plug in the above coordinates and you will arrive right at the trailhead. The Friends of Lynn Woods has a nice trail map. Want more options, check out the below links for other areas worth exploring!

Log: There are few things more rewarding than discovering a new boulder field close to home. Last November Truffle and I headed to  Lynn Woods for a boulder scouting trip, what we found had us so giddy we returned the following weekend with crash pads, crag maps, nervous fingers and fantastic New England Fall weather.

Catching Fall  Colors During a Crash Pad Rest Sesh

Whether you’re looking to discover new boulder fields or explore endless trails, Lynn woods is an incredible resource. Located conveniently North of Boston this makes for a quick get away and surprising isolation. The bouldering area we would be focused on is called Stone Tower. A namesake dedicated to the 48ft Stone Tower that looks like it could have been a holding facility for the hooligans and law breakers of years long gone. In reality, it was part of the fire observation program that used to stretch across this region of New England. I prefer to think of it as an ancient fire signaling system…best represented in the Lord of the Rings #WishIwasLegolas.

We focused specifically on the Queens Row and Slant Right clusters. These are great Fall time boulders, Queens Row especially as you get some really nice afternoon sun. There are many other areas that we will explore in future posts, in the meantime, and are great resources to find your own projects. The rock and temps that day were just about perfect. I spent most of my time developing some new projects, however, both Queens Row and Slant Right had some great established problems.

No Name Traverse with Dog Spotter

Normally I prefer a spotter of human nature when bouldering outdoors, but chocolate labs are hardy in nature and will serve as an excellent spotter in times of need. As you will notice from Truffle below, she’s no stranger to the luscious comfort of a crash pad.

Lynn Woods Bouldering
Dogs Need Crash Pads Too

I ended the day with some meditation, taking in some of the last warm rays before Winter started to set in. NO WORRIES, though, we will be back for more climbing and some snowshoeing during the next snow dump.

Namaste on this Crashpad

Happy Wildernessing!

-Bostonia Outfitters

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