Welcome to Bostonia Outfitters

How did Bostonia Outfitters stumble into New England?

Like all great stories, its a long one so ill give you the short of it…..

Born on the West Coast…Schooled in the South…Refined in Scandinavia….Enlightened in Europe…Resettled to the South…Landed in Boston, MA.

But before ending up in the urban jungles of Boston I had many encounters with what the great New England Wilderness had to offer, in a way it had been calling me for years….

….Now not to place favorites, but Maine was my first love of the North. Long before my relocation to Massachusetts, I was lucky enough to explore the coastal mountains of Acadia and experience the completion (or start..depressing the length of your beard) of the Appalachian Trail. Maine was my gateway drug to New England.

Pre Katahdin Summit Circa 2008

But that was just the beginning, Sport Climbing in New Hampshire, Snowboarding in Vermont, Bouldering in Rhode Island and Hammock Camping on the Cape in Massachusetts I knew I had found something special (Sorry Connecticut, I owe you some love on future posts).

With my wife, full-time grad student, and chocolate lab Truffle, a geriatric 8-year-old puppy, we ended up resettling in Boston, Ma. But even among the concrete jungle I now called my home I found a fantastic outdoor community, a city obsessed with fitness and a gateway to adventures North, South, East and West. I began to realized for so many people the definition of their individual Wilderness was relative… So this blog is for your New England and everything you have to offer. Follow Along!


Current Wilderness: Urban Jungle, Boston MA

Happy Wildernessing!

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